Friday, April 20, 2007

Bert & Dennis

That's definitely Bert Harrison on the right. I think that's Dennis Savage on the left.

Thursday, April 19, 2007

Jay & Glenda

Jay Gatlin is in the middle and Glenda Vardeman Gatlin is on the right. I have no idea who that is on the left.

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

UT Students, 1960

Left to right: Alan Rast (Mike's roommate), Walter Funk (my roommate), Jack SomethingOrOther (a friend), Bill Crider, Mike Leary, Bob Tyus. We're standing in front of Littlefield Fountain at the bottom of the Mall on the UT Campus.

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

A White Sport Coat

And a pink carnation? I don't remember. Beth Bounds and I are all dressed up for the dance.

John, Joe Edd, and Jerry

Sunday, April 15, 2007

Another Baty Birthday

No date on this one. I'm guessing 1948.

Saturday, April 14, 2007

Don Sanders & Rodney Allbright

Rodney Allbright, president of Alvin Community College, presents an honorary degree to Don Sanders. These two weren't in the Class of '59, but many of you will remember one or both of them. Donnie Sanders graduated around 1953, and Rodney Allbright was in the Class of '61.

Sanders recently gave more than one million dollars to Sam Houston State for a baseball stadium.

Friday, April 13, 2007

This Is Where my Father Bought our 1956 Buick

It was across the street from the Farrar Lumber Company, which my grandfather managed for many years.

From the Mexia Daily News: The story has been addressed on Page 1 after initial and lengthy discussion concerning what to do with the old brick building at 205 and a half South Sherman Street.

The Mexia City Council had brought about the issue, with an eye peeled toward seeking a contract to get the building torn down.

Right now, there could conceivably be “the cost factor,” but more importantly, and something which could put the project on hold, is the asbestos issue. That’s the case with most old buildings, including ones which became unsafe and were finally removed in Mexia’s “downtown area.”

The building on Sherman has somewhat of a storied past, as do most building standing “for eons.” The brick structure formerly was the Huddleston Hotel, which even served some “oil boomers” during the town’s heyday of enjoying the fruits of Black Gold.

Checking with City Manager Carolyn Martin brought about the latest considerations of how to deal with razing the old Huddleston. The “We Rock Ministries” holds half ownership in the building, the Council discussion revealed. The other half of ownership is believed to rest with the Church of the Bahamas.

In the final analysis after talking about the situation, Councilpersons decided to table the issue for future discussion, and also decided the task for demolishing will probably “go out for bids.” Tuesday night, the Council is due for another meeting, and the Huddleston will probably again surface for discussion and/or action.

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Must Be a Party

My best guess as to who's who, from the left: Bob Tyus, Ray Eubanks, Joe Owens (but who's that in front of him?), Wayne Wofford, ?, John Black, James Scarborough, Bill Crider.

Monday, April 09, 2007

Sam Houston Ponders the Texas Constitution

Maurice Spillers on the left. I'm not sure who's next to him. John Black and Joe Owens are next. That looks like Linda Phillips behind Joe, and maybe Beth Bounds beside her.

Sam Houston and Friends

Sam Houston (Joe Owens) gets a little help from a couple of Texicans (Maurice Spillers and John Black). There appears to be a small Alamo in the background.

Saturday, April 07, 2007

Molly Walker

One of the most prolific songwriters of virtually all types of music was Cindy Walker. At the Music Association of Central Texas (MACT) annual Music Awards, accepting the posthumous plaque which places Cindy into the MACT Hall of Fame, is her niece, Molly Walker Dusenberry.

Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Roy Orbison Sings to Claudia

Roy Orbison is singing to Claudia New at Bob Crider's party (03/31/07). On the right you can see Johnny and Charlotte Holmes and Bobby Jack and Goldia Liles.

Overpass Update

From the Mexia Daily News:

Mexia Overpass work due summer start

By Bob Wright-Editor

One of Mexia’s oldest landmarks - the famous Overpass - will begin to get a new look, beginning this Summer.

The Texas Department of Transportation (TxDOT) has for a long time been formulating the overpass plans.

Widening of the overpass has long been talked. No announcements have been made as to how long the project will take. What is known right now, plans call for two 12-foot driving lanes in both directions (eastward and westward). Also planned is a turning lane, and a sidewalk, making it safer for pedestrians.

Starting date for the project work has not been announced.

In conjunction with the overpass project, the Texas Department of Transportation is due to perform other work in Mexia. A city official told The Daily News that Bailey Street is due to be “re-done,” and TxDOT would also like to eradicate the dangerous intersection at FM 1365 and Tyler Street. Regarding this phase of work, TxDOT hopes to make “more of a curve” in that area, instead of having the sharp turns which dominate that immediate area.

More evidence came that this work is needed when a pickup truck and a car slammed into the barricades behind the home of Jim and Virginia Chatham. The truck wound up recently near the back porch of the Chatham home one morning around 3:30, when the driver apparently fell asleep. A car then slammed into the same area about two hours later. This has long brought problems of vehicles’ jumping the ditch and coming to “rest” in the Chathams’ back yard. The projected TxDOT work hopefully will eliminate these occurrences.

On Highway 84 (East Milam Street), five lanes are being planned from North McKinney Street, and extending on 84 to Beene Motor Sales area.

Hopefully, TxDOT will send additional information concerning the work it is planning for Mexia. Some of the projects are long overdue and will certainly benefit the increased traffic, so far as safety measures are concerned.