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Shoot the Bear

Remember the previous post on this topic? Here's what the innards of the machine looked like.

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Tehuacana School

Mexia Daily News - Gutted, But Later To 'Shape Up': "The old Tehuacana School building, constructed in 1923 (same year as the Mexia schools' Administration Building), once again could be in the future for some types of entertaining programs, if plans of the owners work out. It is understood that Bill Ferris and others have purchased the building with an object of having future presentations such as musicals, dinner theatre programs, etc. Ferris will be contacted next week in an effort to pin down future uses of the historic old facility. Gutted, with nothing but blue sky in background, the building could figure into some large scale plans as some sort of entertainment center, in the future."

1957 Driving Handbook

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History of Mexia

I don't believe I've linked to this before. Some interesting information on the old hometown. Maybe you knew it all already, but I didn't. You can also click here for a long article on "How Mexia Got its Name."

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At Homecoming

Linda Weeks, Carole Smith, Betty Tacker, Patty Murhpy, Linda Biggs, Faye Lynn Eubanks


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Murger Gin and Cotton Mill, 1910

ROBERT S. MUNGER, a young man operating his father's gin at Mexia, Texas, from 1883 through 1885, conceived the idea of handling the cotton to the gins by air. It would then be distributed to two or more gins in a battery with a belt distributor, using a common lint flue behind the gins to take the cotton to a battery condenser. The cotton would then be moved to a double box cotton press.

Mr. Munger received a number of patents covering this method of ginning and handling cotton. After making an unsuccessful effort to sell them to several gin manufacturers, he established at Dallas, Texas, in 1884, a small plant for the manufacture of the Munger Ginning System, embodying his principle and ideas. He continued this work individually from 1884 to 1887, at which time he needed capital. He interested a banker, W. M. Gaston, and organized the Munger Improved Cotton Machine Manufacturing Company as a corporation. The officers were R. S. Munger, President, W. H. Gaston, Vice President, and T. E. Littlefield, Secretary and Treasurer. In 1889 W. H. Gaston was made President, R. S. Munger, Vice President, and S. I. Munger, Secretary and Treasurer.

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Alphonso Steele, Part 2

Back on October 22, I posted a photo of Alphonso Steele. Here's a link to some interesting information about him. The photo is of a historical marker dedicated to him. It's in a park "south of Mexia."

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Wayne Carroll takes his place

Mexia Daily News - Wayne Carroll takes his place: "WAYNE CARROLL, a charter member of Mexia Bass Club, dispenses rods and reels to each kid participating in the annual two-day Trout Clinic at Lake Springfield inside in the Fort Parker State Park grounds. Wayne 'took his place' in the tent to give each participant a fishing rod and reel to take home. Carroll, 88 and a half years young, was named a Lifetime Honorary Member of the Mexia Bass Club in 1992, for his many years of dedicated service to bass fishing in the Central Texas area. His charter membership in the Bass Club took place in 1971."

Photo by John Barham, who must also be a member of the club.

On the Sidelines at Homecoming

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The Cotton Mill

One of the things I remember clearly about growing up in Mexia is the cotton mill whistle at 8:00, 12:00 and 5:00. Here's a commemorative label from the mill's 25th anniversary. I don't know when that was.

The "New" Methodist Church

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MoreTree Trimming

Mexia Daily News - Tree Trimming Continues: "City of Mexia crews continue their tree-trimming odyssey, providing more room to keep the sidewalks clean of tree droppings, and to give more room for repairs to the sidewalks in the downtown area. Citizens prevailed for the city not to cut down all of the trees. The sane alternative to the situation is to keep 'em trimmed."

The Underpass