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Rusty Old Halo

For some reason, I always think of Virgil Russell when I'm reminded of this song. Band students might remember it.

Monday, December 24, 2007

It Used to Snow in Mexia

Most of my family photos are undated. The one with me and the snowman was taken at out house on the Shiloh Road, where I lived until 1946. The other one was taken at our house on Hunt Street around 1952.

Doris Lambright ('56)

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Another Fallen Tree

Mexia Daily News - Another fallen tree: "City crew cuts down tree on North Railroad Street, on the southeast corner, allowing a crepe myrtle to realize its full potential. This fallen tree was 'choking' growth of the crepe myrtle, and had to 'bite the dust.'"

That looks like the old Lone Star Gas building in the background, but I'm not sure.

James Chrisner, '56

Thursday, December 20, 2007

Mexia History Lesson

William Moore was born into slavery in Alabama about 1855 and later moved to Mexia. You can read his story here. (It's a pdf file, is you can open those.)

Wednesday, December 19, 2007


From Left to right - Joycelyn Calame (Wortham), Erui Luna, Donald Lippsett, Ann P. Linda Matthews Flatt, Bennie Flatt Green (newly married to Donnie Green from Mexia and Tehuacana, Jane Williams (Harvey Williams wife), Carolyn H, and Lizzy. We were at a home on Lake Mexia watching the American Bald Eagle nest.
This group are know as the Loons (Limestone Organization of Nature Students) We have a lot of fun because of our name. We meet the first Tuesday of every month Sept. - May and spend the day around the area looking at birds. Elizabeth is our leader and is much loved by all.

Sunday, December 16, 2007

Hank the Cowhand

Hank the Cowhand was born David E. Stanford in Mexia, Texas October 9, 1911. He became an entertainer at a young age, working up the ladder with various bands, eventually working with such greats as Eddy Arnold, Ted Fiorita and other known bands of that era.

For more about Hank the Cowhand, click here.

More from '57

Lloyd Marsh, Martha Kerzee Beene, Jesse Lou and Mike Yarbrouogh, Warner Dean Hancock. Theresa is in the background.

Friday, December 14, 2007

Mystery Shopper Caught

Mexia Daily News - Melissa And The Shopper: "The Mexia Area Chamber of Commerce Mystery Shopper was 'caught' Wednesday shopping in Jackson's Western Auto. Identifying Dick Flatt as the 2007 Mystery Shopper is Melissa Easterling of Mexia. Thanks to all Mexia Chamber businesses which donated prizes for the event."

Some of the Class of '57

Betty Tacker, Suzanne Hayter, Roy Moore, Carole Smith

Sunday, December 09, 2007

City Hall Tree Bites the Dust

Mexia Daily News - City Hall Tree Bites the Dust: "City crews continue to work around town, sprucing up the premises. Here, crew members are shown just after they cut down a tree on the north side of City Hall. Work continues to beautify City Hall and area, and part of this is getting rid of unwanted trees."

Class of '57

Monday, December 03, 2007

Winning Float

The float put together by the Mexia Fire Department won the first-place trophy for Thursday evening's Lighted Christmas Parade through downtown Mexia. With lights all aglow on the big fire truck, this creativity caught the judges' eyes. Jimmie and Dorothy Porter were designated as this year's Mr. and Mrs. Mistletoe. The couple has long given to local and area benevolent causes, in addition to their civic work through the years.

The Class of '62

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