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Bubba and Dicky

The Mexia News: "BUBBA AND DICKY:In April of 1960, these two football and track standouts at Mexia High School posed for a photo opportunity at the old high school, now the Administration Building complex. Recognize 'em? On the left is Bubba Fife, who went on to become a football coach and Athletic Director in the Katy Independent School District. Dicky Flatt has also done quite well in the business world as President and owner of Flatt Stationers. A writeup which appeared in The Mexia Daily News was shared by Bubba's sister, Sue Hitt. The story was about the 1959 football team, and was in a series prepared by Bob Crider's Inquiry Club, which wrote many articles about people and events in Mexia, and mostly which occurred in Mexia schools. Fife's and Flatt's football coaches were Don Stephens and Jene Holt. Flatt, a wingback; and Maurice (Bubba) Fife, a tight end, were both seniors. Fife was Honorable Mention to the All-State team from that season. Next week, Bubba Fife will be named to the Hall of Honor at the annual Texas High School Coaches Association meeting in Austin."

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Something Else I Didn't Know about Mexia

The Mexia News: "Remember Gale STORM, the songbird? She died last week at the age of 87. Didn’t know until someone told me last week, but Gale STORM formerly was a frequent visitor to Mexia to visit her grandparents, who lived in the 800 block of East Glendale Street."

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