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50 Years!


REMINDER to 1959 MHS Graduates:

It’s hard to believe the 50th anniversary of our high school graduation is just around the corner.  We plan to celebrate during the 2009 High School Homecoming (September 11 & 12).  However, before homecoming, we will meet for our annual summer reunion at the Fort Parker Lake clubhouse.  Our summer reunion (second weekend in June) will give us the opportunity to make plans for the homecoming celebration.  Additional information will follow on the summer reunion and homecoming events.

Let’s plan on being together to commemorate this important milestone in our lives.

I’ve asked Bill Crider to post updates on the MHS website, so you most likely will see this there as well as receive your personal copy in the mail. If you don’t receive a copy in the mail, that means we need to update your mailing address. Please send your updated information to:

Ina Cooper 

or regular mail to 708 N. Main, Burnet, TX 78611.

May 26, 1955

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Sam & Kenneth

November 28, 1958

February 4, 1959

December 7, 1958

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Sam Sunday

The article that Sam refers to is at this link.

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Band Candy

Mexia Today

Trantham's Store site.

"The Tree" on the Ross Avenue Elementary Playground, now in someone's back yard.

Site of Ben Franklin and Duke & Ayres. The building collapsed and has been demolished. The lot has been cleared.

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