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Confederate Reunion Grounds

The Confederate Reunion Grounds has a homepage. It's too bad that the "gallery" page has only a couple of photos. Maybe they'll get some more pictures eventually.

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I Wonder Who Caught the Fish

Ken and and Sandra Trotter, Charlotte and Johnny Holmes, Ron Huffstutler

Saturday, November 17, 2007

How Many Do You Remember?

$5 Bill

Here's the eBay description: Mexia, TX - $5 1882 Brown Back Fr. 467 The First NB Ch. # 3014 We are pleased to have this rarity in our hands again. Previously it was part of our 2006 Central States Signature Auction where it was described, "This note represents a true miracle of survival, coming from a bank which issued Brown Backs, Red Seals and Date Backs only before liquidating early in 1919. Just two other examples are known from here, both of which are $50 Brown Backs, one ensconced perhaps forever in the Philpott/Moody Foundation holdings, and the other a damaged and heavily repaired specimen last seen in 2001, when it was offered by Heritage as part of the Ivy collection. This piece is an unmolested, pen signed Fine-Very Fine, with its only minor detractions some splits at the folds and a few pinholes."

Friday, November 16, 2007

$20 Bill

Here's the eBay description: Mexia, TX
- $20 1929 Ty. 1 The City NB Ch. # 11964 We have seen a small size note in a lesser grade on this bank go for over $1000. There are only 9 small size notes in the census and that does not include this piece. Cashier David Murphy and President Blake Smith teamed up in the 1920s to run this bank.

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