Saturday, January 16, 2016



Genie Gunn said...

I remember her well! Only teacher I ever had that said she did not believe in giving an "A" because that meant you were perfect! When I made a "C" my parents were upset and went to talk to her. She told them that no one was perfect and a C-D were normal grades to her. At the end of the year when we took our finals I had memorized practically all the questions and answers she said the test would be over. I got EVERYTHING right. She marked off two points because I had misspelled "been" and spelled it "ben". Never forgot her-never will either. I'm certainly not perfect and my grades could have been better if I had tried a little harder, but I did not like getting a "D" on my report card! Genie Schuh Gunn

Bill Crider said...

She was quite a character. Unforgettable for sure.