Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Carol Holt Keys

Mexia Daily News - Banker retires in Mexia, plans for new horizons in life: "Carol Keys might be a banker for her chosen profession, but she feels equally “at home” working in the fields at her home in Point Enterprise.

That’s the reason her “retirement” might fit in the well-known misnomer category, since she will continue to attend to her land. “I’m just a farm girl at heart,” she quipped while explaining that she does her shredding work with her tractor. She also likes gardening.

First Mexia thinks a lot of Carol Keys and was saddened by her departure from the work force. The bank held a reception for her, and that was attended by many of her friends, as well as family members.

At the time, she was not far removed from a European 10-day sight-seeing trip, with a friend, Helen (Schuster) Matthews, also of Point Enterprise. She loves to travel, and promises that “there will be more travel plans” in the future."

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