Thursday, June 05, 2008

Edmund Schuster, Neil Bond, Dale Brown

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Mexia Daily News - Schuster honored for service to Farm Bureau in county, state: "Dale Brown, who retired as longtime Agriculture teacher and Future Farmers of America (FFA) Chapter sponsor at Mexia High School, had a profound effect upon both Neil Bond and Edmund Schuster.

Recently, during a sitdown visit with all three (at the same time), Schuster and Bond told about things they learned under Dale Brown. That brought about many good memories they had together as classmates and about some gems of wisdom which came from Brown. They tealked about the discipline, enjoyable times, and of ever-changing ways in today’s education circles.

But, what did show through all of the conversation and recollections, was a common thread which was woven through their lives as they continued along life’s pathways of service.

Brown retired, but continued to “make a difference” with his writings.

Bond continued in education as an educator. So did Schuster, around whom the scheduled interview revolved, due to his dedicated service to the Limestone County Chapter of the Farm Bureau."

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